Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the image of my organization’s badge, logo, etc. on my order?

It depends on whether your organization has copyrighted the image. If this is the case, then we need permission from someone with the authority to grant LaserWerx the right to use the image. If you provide us with a copyrighted image, we presume you have received permission to use it.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Every effort is made to complete work in a timely manner. Because we are a small operation, we only keep limited items in the shop to complete anticipated tasks. The process of creating custom artwork and designs can take several versions to complete. We always provide a PDF image of the item for you to approve before we complete the work. It is always best to place your order early to allow for the creative process.

What is the best kind of computer image to use with your work?

Generally, line art is preferred over typical grayscale images. Vector art is the best, but we can try to work with what you have. In cases where your image will not laser engrave with high quality, our artists can try to duplicate the artwork as line art. There may be a fee associated with converting your artwork to a usable format.

What if I do not have a computer image of the line art I want to use?

If you have a hard copy (paper or photo), we may be able to work with a scan of the image. We can also try to research other art on the Internet. Many artists copyright their work, so there may be a fee associated with any artwork we locate. If so, this fee will be incorporated into the final cost of your order.

What if I am not happy with the finished product?

It depends on why you are not happy. We always provide a .pdf image to you by email for approval. If, later, you discover a spelling or some other error, we will work with you to replace or correct the item, but there will be charge for this additional work. Occasionally images do not laser engrave and appear as they do on the computer screen. If you are unhappy with our finished work, we will do everything we can to provide you with a high degree of satisfaction. If, ultimately, we cannot meet your expectations, return the item to us and we will issue a full refund, less any shipping costs.

I want something that I do not see on your web page. Do you do other things?

We can take on specialized jobs that are within the capabilities of our shop. We enjoy challenges and would like to hear from you regarding your special request. Please contact us to get started.

I want to mark my handcuffs like the ones you have on your web site. Do you guarantee that the marking will not wear off?

We utilize a product called CerMark in our handcuff marking process. The CerMark is applied to the surface and then the image is lasered onto the CerMark. The heat creates a chemical change that binds the CerMark to the surface. Done properly, the image is highly resistant to wear. However, deep scratches that mark the surface of the metal may remove the CerMark in that area. The CerMark should not rub off, but can be damaged by scratches, wire brushes, etc.

Are you located at the address listed on your website?

The PO Box listed on this site is located at the historical post office building located on the downtown square in Prescott, Arizona.  If you need to come to our office, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment.  We only meet with customers by appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

LaserWerx accepts cash, checks with appropriate ID and credit cards. We can bill you online using credit card or PayPal for out of state orders.

Is LaserWerx a MBE/WBE business?

Yes, LaserWerx qualifies as a Woman-Owned Business.

Why don't you list prices with your products?

Each LaserWerx product includes basic services; for example, a plaque includes laser engraving. However, many customers want customization beyond this, which requires an additional cost. We do everything we can to make each product price competitive with other vendors. We will be happy to provide you with a written quote prior to any work being done. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.

Do you do sublimation or other forms of engraving besides laser engraving?

At this time, LaserWerx is solely dedicated to mastering the laser engraving process. If your project requires something beyond laser engraving, we will make every effort to partner you with someone who can assist you.

Is there anything you will not engrave on a plaque or award?

While we believe the customer has every right to decide what goes on their purchase, we do reserve the right to refuse to perform any service that would reflect negatively on a professional organization without the express permission of someone in authority from that organization. Also, we reserve the right to refuse any project that would result in a less than professional impression of LaserWerx. Specifically, inappropriate images or language. When in doubt, call or email to discuss with us prior to placing your order.

I want to order custom handgun grips. Will the wood look like the products you have pictured?

Custom handgun grips are a new product for us. Because of the variety of handguns and woods, it is impossible to carry every item in stock. We and/or our wholesale supplier may or may not have the item you want in stock and there may be a significant delay in getting the item to you. Also, wood being a natural product, we cannot guarantee that a certain type of wood will be a shade of color or grain. If you are local, you may schedule an appointment with us and select from our stock. As with all products, LaserWerx does everything it can to ensure customer satisfaction. To ensure timely delivery, please contact us early.