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Due to the increasing cost of materials, we have been forced to raise our prices on Desk Name Plates beginning at $89.95 | Effective 7/1/20.

Our manufacturer for handgun grips is having difficulty finding tulipwood and kingwood. These grips are on a limited availability until further notice.

Laser Engraving

Custom Products for Lasting Memories

LaserWerx provides custom products to many areas of public safety, including Police, Fire, Disaster Mangement, and Training, as well as a large number of private companies and nonprofit organizations. We offer laser engraving for a variety of customized products including Desk Name Plates, Flag Cases, Plaques and many other options. Contact us today to get started on your next order!

custom desk name plate with laser engraving

Desk Name Plate

Custom desk name plates are the perfect gift item for graduates, promo-tees or that special someone!

custom handgun grips with laser engraving

Handgun Grips

Custom laser engraved handgun grips can include checkering, department badge, rank and ID number.

custom flag case with laser engraving

Flag Cases

Custom flag cases are available in two sizes and can be personalized on the face and the sides.

custom award plaque with laser engraving

Plaques & Awards

Options are available in a variety of materials, types and sizes. Special orders are also welcome!

custom marble plaque with laser engraving

Synthetic Marble

If you are looking for something special – this is it! It is available in three sizes and each piece of marble is unique.

LaserWerx News & Updates

LaserWerx is Moving

Greetings Loyal Clients! I have lived in Southern California for most of my life.  My wife, Barbi, has lived all over. In May or June of 2017 we are leaving Long Beach and moving to Prescott Arizona. LaserWerx is coming with us and will continue to provide quality products for our clients. During that period, we may be limited in the services we can provide until we relocate all of our equipment.  We ask for your patience and understanding during this  busy time. If you have a large project during May or June, please reach out to us now so we can make plans to accommodate your order. Thanks, Steve

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